Friday, July 10, 2009

Education and Outreach Committee Needed

Hey everybody,

As Steen said, I'll be heading up the first education/outreach efforts for the group. I'm hoping that the chapter can serve as both a catalyst for new ideas and approaches and be a forum for enhancing collaboration between groups with existing education programs in Alabama.

Those are all good buzz words that sound great on paper, but turning them into something tangible is going to take a dedicated group of folks coming together to foster new ideas. As the chapter begins to form, I'm looking for a group of 5 to 6 folks to potentially serve on an education and outreach committee. Specifically, I'm looking for people with an interest in translating hard science into something easily digestible for the public, as well as anyone who may already have connections or be willing to connect with groups outside of science. If you're interested at all, feel free to shoot me an email at



Unknown said...

Sounds great Wally. Are you accepting nominations?

Wally Smith said...