Thursday, October 15, 2009

LAST DAY TO REGISTER-Updated Registrant list provided

As of Friday morning (10/16), there are over 60 registrants. What a great turnout for our inaugural meeting! We look forward to meeting with you all in person this November. Missed the deadline? You can still register without lodging and meals, check out our registration website here.

Missed the deadline but still want lodging and registration? Send us an e-mail at this point we can make no guarantees but we will do what we can to make sure everyone that wants to be here, is here.

Alvin Atlas
Amanda Steen
Andrew Coleman
Ashley Peters
Becky Pearce
Beth Stevenson
Brett Macek
Chris Edmondson
Chris Jenkins
Christina Romagosa
Christoph Thawley
Clay Hilton
Craig Guyer
Dan Self
David Nelson
David Steen
Debbie Folkerts
Dirk Stevenson
Eric Soehren
George Cline
Heidi Cantrell
James Godwin
James McHugh
Jennifer Deitloff
Jennifer Linehan
Jimmy Stiles
Jo Lewis
Jodie Smithem
Joel Borden
John Jensen
Joshua Ennen
Karan Bailey
Kathy Shelton
Kayla Bieser
Keith Tassin
Ken Marion
Kenneth Dodd
Kristin Bakkegard
Kyle Barrett
Laura Underhill
Leslie Rissler
Linda Weir
Margaret Gunzburger
Mark Bailey
Mark Sasser
Matthew Aresco
Megan Gibbons
Michelle Baragona
Molly Folkerts
Nicholas Sharp
Nick Bieser
Roger Clay
Samantha Collins
Sean Graham
Sharon Hermann
Sierra Stiles
Stephen Glasgow
Sydney Chapin
Thane Wibbels
Toni Bruner
Walter Smith

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