Saturday, November 14, 2009

Send us your pics!!!

Do you have outstanding, high quality photos of herps, their habitat (pristine or mangled), management activities, or herp-related events in Alabama? We need them! ALAPARC is building a Flickr page to archive our visual goings-on in the state and to keep the public and unknowing passers-by informed of what our group is doing. This will be an easy way to increase public interest in the group and "spread the word" of herp conservation in the state. But we need your help...., if you have Flickr-worthy photos that you'd like to contribute, send them to or (limit two per person, please. Once the site is established, we'll call for more). Please include your name, where the photo was taken, the date, and any other relevant information (species in the photo, descriptions of interesting natural history observations, etc.). All photographers will be given credit for their respective photos, and we'll be using them with your permission, of course. Send us your best!!