Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Indigo Reintroduction as of 6/23/2010

Indigo Snake update 6/23/10

The first week of tracking the released Indigo Snakes brought some exciting events. The first snake tracked on the day after the release was found eating a Copperhead. This confirmed a prediction of mine, that these venomous snakes would play a role in the diet of the Indigo snakes! The event was captured on HI DEF video by the Discovering Alabama team so be looking for the footage on the show about the Indigo Snake repatriation program. Another was seen devouring a Gray Rat Snake. One of the snakes was found to be 20-30 ft. up in trees with thick brush and vines twice. The best news is that after one week all the snakes are accounted for, and all seem to be doing well. They appear to be adjusting to the wild just fine. Stay tuned to new posts for the latest updates on what the snakes are doing in the wild.


Unknown said...

This is incredible news. To hear these snakes are making their way in the wild is great to hear. There's a new top predator in town.


Bill Sutton said...

This is really cool stuff. Amazing that you found two indigo snakes already preying upon other snake species. Great work!